4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Graphic Design

by | Jul 29, 2022 | Blog

How can graphic design help you establish your brand, stand out to potential customers, and elevate your business to higher levels of success? There are plenty of ways that graphic design can help businesses achieve this. Whether you own a small business or operate a larger corporation, the design of your website and logo is going to help your business stand out from the competition. If you aren’t already utilising graphic design, you should be! Here we run through four of the top reasons why.

Breaking through social media clutter

Social media is easily one of the best ways for businesses to connect with a potential audience, but only if you can break through the clutter of competition and noise to grab their attention. Graphic design is a great way to do just that; when you consider that 90% of the information which is transmitted to the brain is entirely visual, it’s easy to see why!

Including well-designed elements of graphic design in your posts on social media will help you jump off the screen and grab the attention of potential customers. The facts don’t lie:

  • Facebook posts that have images will get 2.3 times more engagement than posts on Facebook without
  • Twitter updates that include images can generate 150% additional retweets than tweets that are only text
  • Adding relevant imagery to blogs can increase traffic to Pinterest by 62.5%

Making data more impactful

It’s entirely likely that there is a wealth of information relating to your business that you want to let the world know about, which could be everything from performance data to annual sales or engagement statistics. All of this sort of data can be incredibly impactful if it is put in front of the right people.

Utilising graphic design allows you to present all of this key information, statistics and data in a way that is going to powerfully communicate to a potential audience and make a real impact. Graphic design lets you transform your data into a visually impactful form that might otherwise be boring to customers.

Building your brand

Your branding is extremely important, since it tells your customers and clients what they can expect from you, what your story is, and why they should choose to work with your brand. The professionalism of your branding says a massive amount about who you are as a business. Graphic design can help you in a number of ways here, as there are numerous visual components you can be designing to strengthen existing branding:

  • Logo: Your logo is, without a doubt, the most important element of design that your business has. Because it effectively acts as your brand’s external face, it will be the element of design that people most intimately associate with your business.
  • Website: Your website effectively acts as the online real estate of your brand, as it’s where customers will go to find out more about you who your brand is and what you can offer them. In order for it to effectively serve its desired purpose, it needs to be well-designed.
  • Colour: Colour is a powerfully impactful element of design for any business, and the colours that your brand decides on will inevitably send a specific kind of message to a potential audience. Doing some research on colour psychology is always a good idea here.
  • Typography/fonts: The same concept for colour applies to typography as well. For example, utilising Comic Sans as a potential font is going to send a different message than Helvetica or Arial. It’s important to make sure that the fonts you choose are in line with your branding.

Helping win over potential customers

When connecting with a new contact in business, you’re going to want to stay on their mind long after the conversation that you’ve had with them is over. The best way to do that is graphic design. Well-designed elements of marketing such as flyers, business cards and brochures are going to be crucial for growing your brand because they can help you to continue in delivering key messaging to any potential customers and clients when you’re not actively around.

If you like what you’ve heard here and want to utilise elements of graphic design for your business, click here.