Marketing isn’t rocket science. In many cases the aim is simply to make you stand out from the competition.

This can be down to a simple matter of getting the wording right so that you promote your business in the best possible positive light. Here are some handy words and phrases that can help lift your marketing copy above the crowd.


Location – let your clients know where you are in relation to them.

    Close to
    Conveniently located near
    In the heart of
    Just minutes from
    Within easy access of

Customer Service – what kind of service can your customer expect from you.

    24 hour internet access
    24 hour hep line
    Award winning service
    Expert team
    Professional support

Trustworthiness – can your customers rely on you?

    Accredited by
    All work guaranteed
    Certified by
    Internationally/nationally known
    Recommended by

Ease of use – is your product simple to operate or use?

    All done for you
    Easy installation
    No instructions required
    Simple instructions included

Physical properties – what can your customer expect from your product

    Big enough/small enough to
    Fits conveniently into
    Fits all standard sizes
    Lightweight for easy transport
    One size fits all

I have got plenty more of these stored up. If you want to discuss your marketing ideas call me on 01452 534860 for an informal preliminary chat to see how I can help you.