Why Adding Fresh Website Content is Critical for SEO

by | Jan 24, 2022 | Blog

Google is by far the most important search engine and here we give you 5 benefits why adding fresh website content is critical for SEO and ultimately, your business.  The ‘stuff’ that Google pulls up from its databases to present to the searcher is based on highly technical algorithms.  The purpose of Google is to give their customer (ie, you and me, as browsers searching the internet), the very best match to what we’re searching for.  In order to do this, they use ‘googlebots’ to crawl the content in their databases.  This procedure allows Google to decipher the content, index it and display it where required.

Googlebots love to crawl and index content!  Let’s face it, it’s their only purpose in life!  But it needs information to be in a format that it can understand and know what the content relates to.  Google’s indexing process is based on a combination of the number and type of subject keywords used, how often the site is updated and the number of links (both inbound and outbound), that the content has.

Every time a change or update is made to the content on your site, the search engine takes notice and re-indexes your site.  This in itself, won’t necessarily give you higher rankings, but it will ensure that Google indexes your site more frequently, which in turn, gives you more chance of higher rankings.

So,why is adding fresh website content critical for SEO?


1.  Fresh website content = frequent indexing

As mentioned earlier, adding fresh content to your site won’t necessarily give you better rankings,  But, frequent website updates will give you a ‘thumbs up’ with Google and they’ll crawl and index your site more often.  The knock on effect of this is that at least you’re putting your website in the right position to actually try to get higher rankings.

2.  Google loves quality content

Keywords, imagery, meta descriptions and title tags, although are a very important part of the anatomy of a well-structured webpage, the actual content should be written for the reader, not the googlebots.  A page overly stuffed with keywords and long-tail key phrases won’t do you any favours with Google – in fact, it will negatively affect your page rankings.  So, if you keep your fresh content to a high standard and offer valuable information to your readers, you’ll be in a great position to help Google push you higher up their page rank.

The best and easiest way to add regular, fresh, high-quality content to your website is to add a blog – a series of web pages where you can write pertinent articles, offer information and advice to your readers on an on-going basis.  These pages will increase the size of your website and it’s a great way of keeping all of your information under one roof, so to speak.

3.  Fresh website content is critical for more keyword exposure

Keywords remain a high component of the Google algorithm chart for indexing and ranking.  However, if you’ve only got a limited number of pages in your website, you’re missing the opportunity to add more relevant keywords with fresh content.  One page full of high ranking keywords isn’t the correct way to do this and you’ll get penalised by Google for doing so.  Best practice is to write fresh content on a regular and systematic basis with relevant keywords placed appropriately where required, but not overstuffed.

4.  Fresh website content is critical as it increases your authority potential

The more information you offer to your readers, the more you’ll increase your potential to become an authority on your subject matter.  It also tells Google that you’re sharing your knowledge and are providing high quality, well read and interesting information.

5.  Fresh website content is critical to keep your audience well informed and updated

By keeping your website up to date with fresh content, usually via your company blog, you have the opportunity to keep your readers updated with any new company or industry updates.  This again, gives you the potential to position yourself and your business as an ‘authority’ in your market sector.


We hope that we’ve explained why adding fresh website content is critical for SEO and if you’re thinking that your website could do with updating with fresh and well written content, then it’s worth talking to an expert marketing agency who can help you with website design and content creation.

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