Making Time Wasters Work for You!

by | Aug 24, 2017 | Blog

If, like me, you check how many visits people make to your site, you may be frustrated by the number who view but don’t decide to buy from you or take up your service.

“Timewasters!” you shout at the screen.

Here’s how you can make those same timewasters work for you.

If we turn the question around you will see that the feedback shows that your website is attracting the wrong type of customer.  So why is that?

•    Your marketing message is wrong
•    You are aiming your marketing at the wrong people

Rather than dismissing the timewasters, try and engage with them.  If you have a phone number, call them or if you have an email address drop them a quick line.  “What made you visit our website today?”

They might say, for instance, that they were looking to buy a cheap widget.  What does your marketing say about the prices of your widgets?  If it says that they are ‘cheap’ or ‘low price’ then check that they are.  Your competitors may have recently lowered their prices so now yours are no longer deemed cheap.

Take the time to consider all feedback, both positive and negative, and think about what it says about your advertising and products.  Those timewasters might actually be giving you a valuable insight into a flaw in your marketing.

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