Website Writing for Customers – not Google!

by | Apr 15, 2016 | Blog

Most people these days know what SEO means – search engine optimisation. In basic terms, search engines like Google will trawl a website looking for keywords that will appeal to a target visitor.

As an example I might be looking for a real ale pub in Cheltenham and will type Cheltenham real ale into Google or any other search engine. The engine will then send out what is called a spider to search websites for these keywords. The knack of good copy writing for the web is to incorporate keywords into your copy so that they will register with the spiders.

However, it is all too easy to get it horribly wrong:

Looking for real ale in Cheltenham? You won’t find better real ale in Cheltenham than at The Pub, Cheltenham’s premier venue for real ale.

You may find you get more hits on your site but precious few are likely to turn into actual visitors to The Pub.

Try this instead:

Looking for a real ale pub in Cheltenham? Come along and try The Pub. You’ll get a friendly greeting and a choice of our excellent real ales, plus so much more.

The key is to write for your potential visitors first, search engines second.

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