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We’ve sorted your G4 Analytics

by | Aug 4, 2022 | Things You Should Know

Your G4 Analytics All sorted for you!

You may have heard about the new G4 Analytics … Or you might not have! Either way all you need to know is you just relax as we have sorted this for you!

As a valued Dynamic customer, we have already set up your new G4 Analytics in the back of your website for you.

On 1st July 2023, the new Google G4 Analytics takes over from your existing Universal analytics (UA) for your website.

G4 is the next generation of analytics and is really, very smart.

Here are just a few benefits of G4 Analytics:

  • Improved Customer Journey Tracking
  • Improved user engagement analysis
  • More powerful audiences for your ad campaigns
  • More intelligent user privacy and tracking features
  • Simplified Goals and Events Setup
  • Enhanced visualisations and reporting
  • A plethora of parameters

Any questions, please do just get in touch, we’ll be happy to explain.