Why Do I Need A One Page Website?

by | Jan 18, 2024 | Knowledge Hub

In the early days of the internet, single page websites were the norm.


The first ever websites to exist would consist of one-page and one-page only. As web design has progressed and companies have grown, larger websites have become the trend. This has meant multiple pages, sections, and aspects to a website.

Well, it seems the trend of minimalism has made its way to the world of web design, as one-page websites are back in vogue. Proving to be a hugely popular area for business big and small, some consider them the next big thing. Most people are on the fence – which if you’re reading this, this probably sounds like you.

So, to help decide whether you should invest in a one-page website, here are the pros of developing one for your business and using it as your online shop front.


Simplicity Is Key

Depending on the industry you are in, simplicity can prove to be one of the most beneficial factors if you are looking to source new business. Many business owners will not be wanting to scroll endlessly through countless website pages and information, but would rather have one page to focus on so that they can gather all of the information they need.

As the name suggests, one-page websites can be very simple. When we say simple, we don’t mean low budget, we mean easily digestible. A one-page website allows you to tell a straightforward narrative about your business or brand and present all the information that you want your visitors to see.

You can also link your social media channels, showcase your previous projects and include a contact form, meaning everything you need to promote your business is there in one digital space. If designed well, a one-page website can offer high conversions and help you to streamline your marketing activity.


Fast Loading Times

In today’s world of next day delivery, Tik Tok instant scrolling and push notifications, there is a need for speed – especially when it comes to websites. Websites with an abundance of web pages will naturally take longer to load; with a one-page website, you never need to fear this problem.

The longer it takes for your page to load, the more likely someone is to go somewhere else. You need to be grabbing the attention of your potential customer in the first 5 seconds of landing on your website, else they will look elsewhere. That is the competition we are dealing with; concentration.

A one-page website has less content than a larger site, which means there is less information for a browser to load. This means a quicker opening time for your visitors. This also makes it incredibly easier to use than a website full of different pages and content. Scrolling through one page means users can find the information they need with ease. It also gives you more control over the narrative of your page.

Instead of clicking on a tab and skipping valuable messaging on the homepage, people who visit your site will scroll over it instead which will increase the chances of them actually reading it. Instead of getting lost in a maze of pages, your customers can instead scroll up and down a single page that has everything that they need.


Mobile Friendliness

Since phones were able to access the internet, companies have strived to make their websites more mobile-friendly (as all should by now). One-page websites function in a similar way to many popular mobile apps, acting more like a feed and less like a conventional website. This makes the customer journey easier than ever for a potential customer scrolling through their phone. Having a mobile-friendly site means you’ll have access to the growing number of customers who shop and browse the internet from their phones (which is always growing).

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to consider when it comes to choosing a one-page website. For small and big businesses alike, they present a huge opportunity to streamline your web presence and offer a concise source of information for your customers.

So when it comes to making a decision, the needs of your business and the experience for your customers come first. Make sure to contact us today for more information or to enquire about creating your very own one-page website with Dynamic.